Lemonade from Lemons

Challenging day in our household (my 23 year old and me) … his 2008 car was taken in for service and the repair bill was BIG BIG BIG … dollars he’d been saving for a trip were wiped out… grateful that he understood that the trip was no longer possible.

The piper must be paid.

Next tree in our front lawn took down power lines & electricity / OMG! connectivity to the world was WHOOOOSH gone… this is startling.

We held onto daylight as long as we could then went out for an amazing, 2 1/2 hour dinner  where we savored incredible food, reconnected in a way we don’t often do living together and were fully prepared to come back to a home without lights and go to sleep.

Thankfully the cavalry (fire department, police department and illuminating company) had arrived in spades, sawed down trees and restored power – so fortunate to live in the USA, pay taxes that return in spades and have a reconnecting conversation with my child!

Savored every moment of this event, breathed in and out, appreciated the details and am feeling grateful.

tree down



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