Gain the courage to ask for what you want!

washerIf you are living a life where you expect abundance and are aligned with your “God”, source, inner wisdom, please just put out your intentions, your wishes, your desires into the universe and see what happens.  It is scary.  It is amazing.  On a large-scale, on a small-scale.

My washer died in the middle of a million other “to-do’s”.  I divorced (more on that later) after 28 years last year so this was my first appliance shopping experience.

I shared the news on Facebook and asked for suggestions .. gratefully received such good tips on brand, style (who knew front loader, top loader, agitator, HE …).  Great lessons in  the replies.

Next a former colleague private messaged me with information on a discount option.  Ordered the washer online and set a delivery date.

Had loads of laundry to do in the interim – visited a friend who had just moved to help her clean her new home & did a load of laundry during that trip.  Had resigned myself to a laundromat (and considered it would be a good life lesson) when I got a text from a neighbor whose cat I was “cat sitting” for two weeks – she lives across the street.  Her message contained last-minute details on the two weeks AND she mentioned that “Lucky’s extra treats are in the laundry room” – my brain (not always the quickest) immediately realized that I could go across the street (with my own detergent of course!) and do my laundry as needed until the delivery date.

Put what you need out to the universe to your friends and you will be AMAZED!


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