Who is your spirit animal?


Someone just asked Who my Spirit Aspirit animalnimal was.  A quick google search led me to an online quiz:  Who is your spirit animal?

Fascinating.  It is truly uncanny how much this report resonated with me.  My spirit animal, without a doubt, is a wolf!  Who is your spirit animal?


My Spirit Animal Report
Congratulations on finding your spirit animal, the Ingenious Wolf. The Wolf is a great ally to have in your life.
Let’s look more closely at 3 ways it can help you navigate through life’s big and small challenges.

1. The Wolf reminds us of the importance of:wolf
·       Sharp instincts

·       Intelligence

·       Longing for Freedom

·       Lack of trust

2. Trust your instincts: The Wolf emphasizes a deep connection with your intuition and instinctual nature, so that you are combining this with your intelligence to create what you want in life. Trust that subtle nudge when you are about to make an important decision and make sure to follow through with sharp determination.

3. Balance social life with time alone: The Wolf symbolizes both the need for enlivening freedom, as well as the longing for the comfort of social connections. We are social animals, and yet, we sometimes need to retreat in our own private space and isolate ourselves in order to find our center. Make sure you get enough time alone to recharge.

Still wondering how the Wolf can be your animal guide? Discover all the Wolf tips and wisdom secrets!

Because if you’re interested in deepening your connection with your animal, the next step is to learn more about the Wolf personality profile and its meaningful correspondences in your daily life:

·       Get inspired by spirit of your animal and how it connects to your own personality and way of living.
·       Plus, get precious advice on how to connect more deeply with its guidance, for example through meditations and dreams.



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