Keto Newbie, Share the Journey

Had success losing weight and improving my health in 2018 with the Virgin Diet.  Ready to try another path. I’ve read blogs, books, and researched. Started on Christmas Eve … Unique choice, I do realize! I was ready to go and amazingly navigating holiday events was not that difficult. I’d been without dairy and eggs for several months and have always limited fat so getting access to them were a huge WIN! I’ll share more but here are a few of my “go to” Keto Meals.

“I’ve died and gone to heaven green salad!”

The salad has become my “go to” lunch… Micro Greens, Baby Bok Choy, Italian dressing from a local joint, bit of cheese, some seeds and nuts w/ pink sea salt. So decadent and rich. Holds my appetite for hours.

Delighted to enjoy dinner out with my Mom at BJ’s steakhouse over the holidays. They have a brined, grilled pork chop that is divine. Meal there and 2 meals from the leftovers. Chose broccoli and a tumeric cauliflower for sides. I avoided the sauce on the cauliflower and found out later that was good as there were a few carbs in that. TIP: research using an app before you go to a restaurant.

Brined 2″ pork chop & veggies, lots of leftovers

I’m using Carb Manager to track what I eat and think it’s a definite must! More on what I love later.

First day back to work since 12/19! So need to unbury. If you’re working on goals, know that teeny tiny steps over time will get you where you want to go.


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